Dominik Bullo, a Full Stack Developer

Highly independent web developer with a flair for comprehensive and timeless features mainly within  Django, Vue, Postgress, Docker stack. Developed many ecommerce webapps, custom data dashboards, comercional/presentational web sites and eshops of various kinds. Passionate about open source projects, automatization and web-scraping data. Consistently receive high user experience scores for all projects.

As a graduate of computer science and programming at the bachelor’s degree level, I learned several programming languages having the basics of object-oriented programming and the principles of algorithms and data structures. Next, I broaden my horizons in Unity, Blender, and Adobe programs thanks to the Postgraduate Multimedia Engineering program. After university studies, I got an unrepeatable opportunity to work on a transnational project where I had a great deal of independence and trust to implement my improving suggestions.

I have been working with businesses of all sizes and industries, both domestically and internationally

I’m excited to share some of my projects with you where I had the opportunity to combine creativity and usability to create user-friendly interfaces.


Ida Breimo

WordPress | PHP | MySQL
Web application


Django | GraphQL | Graphene | PostgreSQL | Docker
Web application


Django | Django REST framework | Python | Docker | JavaScript | Vue.js | PostgreSQL


JavaScript | WordPress | PHP | MySQL | Woocomerce


JavaScript | WordPress | PHP | MySQL